In 1979, as one style of living ceded to the next, traditional and progressive ideals commingled. Raspail captures that encounter between eras, with a classical round-lens concept infused with the enlightenment of ideas yet to come.

Handcrafted in France.

Electroplated in palladium and 22k fine gold, filigreed Titanium nose pads, and signature temple tips.

With proper care, AHLEM’s heirloom-quality eyewear will bring you years of use and pleasure. Extend your frames' longevity with a few simple maintenance rituals:

Daily Clean: We recommend that you clean your lenses daily with our premium microfiber cloth versus cotton or paper products.

Weekly Clean: Apply a few drops of mild soap to your fingers, lather them underwater and massage soap foam to your lenses and frame. Complete the ritual by rinsing your frame and lenses in warm water and dry with your microfiber cloth.

46 – 22 – 145

Fits petite to medium faces.

Ideal for oval, diamond, square, up, and down triangle face shapes