Dr. Irina Yakubin

Dr. Irina Yakubin graduated from InterAmerican University in 2020. After graduation, Dr. Yakubin was determined to craft her own path and further her post-graduate education in medical optometry. After working for a private practice for just over a year, she became a locum, traveling to areas that need eye care providers including Fort Defiance, Arizona, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, and Bakersfield, California. Now, she is excited to bring the skills she learned to Los Angeles. Dr. Yakubin uses her acquired expertise to craft articles for eye care professionals and the general public; she has been published in multiple vision and eye care publications including Women in Optometry and Eyes on Eye Care. She is also an active board member of the Los Angeles County Optometric Society and the co-producer of My Vision Show and the Optical Metaverse.

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